Young Adults : Adolescents And Steroids Essay

Young Adults : Adolescents And Steroids Essay

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Adolescents and Steroids

Bobby Taylor
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Dave DeLambo

Adolescents have many pressures as they go through puberty and young adulthood. Worrying and stressing about relationships, school, social acceptance and family. They face many obstacles and choices every day that could essentially effect the rest of their life. Some adolescents make a choice to use substance wither it is to fit in socially, use as a coping mechanism, or to give them an edge in academics or sports. Anabolic steroids are one type of performance enhancing substances that gets abused regularly by adolescent sportsmen. To better understand why young adults would risk their lives and futures using such a dangerous we need to understand what this substances is and what it does.
Anabolic steroids are synthetic made substances that imitate the male hormone testosterone. There are several different types of steroids, the most Common anabolic steroid substances include Androstrene, Oxendine, Dianabol, Winstrol, Deca- Durabolin, Equipoise, fluoxymesterone also known as Halotestin and nandrolone also known as Durabolin. In the United States, you need a prescription to get any type of anabolic steroid. Illegal anabolic steroids can be purchased on the internet, and obtained on the street without a doctor’s prescription. It’s estimated that 5-12% of male high school students and 1% of female students have used anabolic steroids by the time they are seniors, for sports or body enhancement relations.
Doctors can prescribe anabolic steroids for positive health related issues. Doctors have prescribed these steroids in order to treat problems such as delayed puberty in adolescents and other medical problems tha...

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...risks, and dangers. In short there is nothing better than educating youth that steroids are as harmful as any other illegal drug. Teachers, counselors, and parents need to be vigilant and instill good values to our youth. Educating sportsmen youth that results can be achieved through hard work and the health risk is not worth the short term reward as well as social acceptance in regards to beauty.

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