Essay about Why Is The Philosophy Of Education Important?

Essay about Why Is The Philosophy Of Education Important?

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When analyzing contemporary issues in education, it is very important to ask why and how the issues arise. Some of these problems are obvious to the mass public, and some require a more in-depth analysis. One of the less obvious issues in education is the current philosophy in the classrooms. One may ask the questions, “Why is the philosophy of education important? And, why does it matter to me?” To put it simply, the philosophy imbedded in the goals of education and teaching methods in a classroom affects the students’ futures. This topic was chosen because the philosophy in schools is often overlooked as the absolute core of educational issues. Many students understandably struggle with sitting in a classroom, uninterested. In addition to the constant stress and pressure of having good grades, students often ask why the given curriculum must be learned. As a student myself, I decided to search for the answer. Considering the traditional teaching methods and the abundance of test-taking in schools, it is evident that the philosophical theory, Essentialism, has a strong presence in classrooms. Although Essentialism affects policymakers, parents, and the mass public, it most importantly affects the students. By deeply analyzing the issue of an overwhelming Essentialist presence in education, one can conclude that Essentialism is the root of contemporary issues in education.
Essentialism is defined by Webster as an educational theory that ideas and skills basic to a culture should be taught to all alike by time-tested methods. It has been present since the beginning of schooling. As time and culture progress, the academic standards for education increase and become more specific. It is clear that the focus in the vast majority of ...

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...ore present than Essentialism. Mosier (1952) states that Progressivism is known as the rival of Essentialism and is necessary for this change (p. 275). It requires a significant change in the psychological way of learning in schools. By allowing students to have more freedom in what they wish to learn, economic growth is still attainable. Students could specialize in their strengths early in their education, and they could be have a much more extensive understanding about what they learn. They would not feel pressure to score a certain number on standardized tests, which arguably intentionally try to make students fail. The possibility of this solution occurring is probably unlikely, due to the fact that money essentially is power. Nearly every policymaker would refuse this proposal. Though, it is unfortunate, because as John Dewey stated, “Education is life itself.”

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