Why Is Anti Gun-Control Necessary? Essay

Why Is Anti Gun-Control Necessary? Essay

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The banning of firearms in America is an illegal act, and degrades the values this country was founded on. They not only play a vital role in many people's lives, but are useful tools, fun to use, and can protect people from harm. Our founding fathers wanted us to have them to protect ourselves from the government, and would be disgusted at our government's current abuse, and overall disregard of the constitution of the United States. A lot of people argue that guns kill people; this is untrue. Guns in the hands of a negligent person have potential to kill people, just as anything else.

The statement ‘The Right to Keep and Bear Arms' from the U.S constitution seems like a pretty solid sentence. There is really no way to misinterpret it. Our country gained its freedom with guns, kept its freedom with guns, and guns will play a vital roll in keeping our freedom. So how is it that cities like Chicago can completely ban the right to protect ourselves? Legally they can't. The beauty of the constitution is that it can be changed. The founding fathers knew they couldn't predict the futur...

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