Marijuana Should Be Legal

Marijuana Should Be Legal

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Marijuana has many uses and a long history of use. There have been many myths and rumors spread about the dangers of marijuana.
The National Institute on Drug Abuse and the Bureau of Mortality Statistics provided the following statistics for 1987:
Tobacco------------------------------------------about 400, 000
Alcohol-------------------------------------------more than 150, 000
Aspirin-------------------------------------------180 - 1, 000
Caffeine------------------------------------------1, 000 – 10, 000
Legal drugs and patent medicines------------14, 000 – 27, 000
Drug overdose from controlled substance---3, 800 – 5, 200
Marijuana----------------------------------------none (“Danger” 1)
If the above statistics are true and marijuana is less harmful than the legal drugs, why does it remain illegal?
     A common myth is that marijuana use leads to the abuse of harder, more dangerous drugs. Marijuana is the most common among other illegal drugs. Most users of less common drugs, such as cocaine, heroin, and LSD, are more likely to have used marijuana during or after these drugs, than a marijuana user is to experiment with new and stronger narcotics.
     It has been proven, marijuana smokers are not at a higher risk of developing lung cancer, bronchitis or emphysema than tobacco smokers. “There have been no reports of lung cancer related solely to marijuana”(Zimmer 49). This is primarily due to the fact that marijuana smokers inhale less smoke that tobacco smokers. On the other hand, it has
been proven that high-dose marijuana smokers experience some of the same adverse respiratory symptoms as tobacco smokers.
     Many believe that marijuana kills brain cells and impairs the memory. But, indeed, the latter is simply a myth. Through medical testing, even with high doses, there has been no case of severe memory loss or brain damage. However, despite the fact that marijuana has no documented effect on memory loss, it has been shown to display a diminished capacity to recall newly learned information.
     It is also believed that marijuana users become addicted to this drug and have difficulty breaking their habit, often needing the help of drug programs. This is not necessarily true. "Heavy users often stop without difficulty, and if they describe withdrawal symptoms at all, those symptoms are remarkably mild"(Zimmer 49). Marijuana users don't usually need help quitting and never become physically dependent, it's mostly a psychological dependency. Most marijuana users in rehabilitation centers
Are there to keep their jobs, since work places often require treatments for persons testing positive for this drug.
     On the other side of the argument, marijuana is helpful for cancer patients who experience nausea. "It has been proven effective in reducing nausea induced by cancer chemotherapy"(Zimmer 49).

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Marijuana also benefits people suffering from glaucoma. It reduces the intraocular pressure. Although there is a synthetic tetrahydrocannabinol capsule on the market now, it is very effective and patients who have used it report unpleasant side effects.

Contrary to some beliefs of society people find perfectly logical uses for marijuana, such as: inspiration, relaxation, or recreation. “ According to the Coast Rican, Jamaican and UCLA Cancer studies, marijuana users may live longer, due to reduced stress, and have a lower incident of murders, highway deaths, and accidents than the general population” (Danger 1).
After reviewing the presented facts and statistics, I believe that the use of marijuana for medical or recreational purposes can result in more good than harm. Therefore, I can openly state that my position for the legalization of this drug is stronger now than before my investigation led me to these astonishing facts.
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