History and Effects of Marijuana

History and Effects of Marijuana

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Marijuana is the common name for the hemp plant Cannabis sativa. Hemp grows in tropical and in warm temperate climates. Dried up grounded leaves and stems have been known for a long period of time to be used as a drug. Through out many different regions in the world and for centuries has been used. Other uses as in medical to relieve symptoms of illness . Throughout its long history, parts of the plant have been smoked, chewed, eaten, and even brewed for it effects on the human biochemistry. Marijuana, having over 400 chemicals and the main chemical, Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC was noted to be found in the mid-1960s. Marijuana a Spanish name has many other names such as weed, pot, grass, reefer, Mary Jane, and ganja.
     The history of marijuana appeared in the early 2700 B.C. in a Chinese manuscript. Explorers to the new world first observed it in 1545. It was considered to be a very useful crop and that the Jamestown settlers in 1607 began its cultivation. Later, Virginia, farmers were actually fined for not growing this plant. From the 17th to the mid 20th century marijuana was considered a household drug used from treating headaches, menstrual cramps, and toothaches. Between the years 1919-1938 a stronger plant was born by American drug companies it was called Cannabis Americana. Marijuana now being a, drug soon became popular among musicians who maintained that smoking gave them the inspiration they needed to play there music. Others began to get addicted to marijuana, it spread world wide to major cities such as Chicago, New York, Paris, and London.
      Marijuana effects two main parts of the human body, the cardiovascular and the central nervous systems. Low doses of marijuana consists of a sense of well being and drowsiness/relaxation. As the doses increase other effects tend to come in, altered sense of time and sensory awareness, difficulty in memory such as remember last movements. Conversations are cut and thoughts are incomplete and exaggerated laughter also take place when doses are increased. At much higher to extreme doses, paranoia, hallucinations, panic attacks and delusions occur.
     When the cardiovascular system is affected it does damage to the body such as increased heart rate and dilation of eye blood vessels. Marijuana smoking has been proven to raise the risk of heart attacks. Difficulty in body movement and coordination is also a long term effect also pains in the chest is.

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Heavy users also are effected by decrease in immune function. Males are effected by a lose of sperm count. Lungs are effected the same way as in cigarette smoke. Marijuana is worse for you then tobacco 3 times as much tar. Chronic users suffer from throat irritation, persistent cough, bronchitis, and Emphysema.
     Marijuana has been used for good medical purposes and yet used for a well being and relaxing state of mind narcotic users. Marijuana has been found and used for many centuries and continues today to be fought for legalization in the states. In may of 1999 the National Institutes of Health released a policy in need of more research for medical treatment and narcotic use and continues to be research to this day.

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