Dicriminalization of Marijuana

Dicriminalization of Marijuana

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Marijuana has yet to proven addictive, deadly, and it's role in being a "gate-way
drug" is extremely controversial. Ten states have already taken steps in the right direction
to do the right thing about the Marijuana issue. The states of California, Colorado, Maine,
Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Oregon have
decriminalized the possession of small amounts of Marijuana. Therefore, making the
possession a mitigate fine with no jail time. Still in other states offenders are meticulous
of the punishments delt to the offenders. Under the first amendment we supposedly have a
freedom of choice. The laws against marijuana rob Americans of this right. In no certain
place in the United States Constitution does it specifically say that marijuana should be
illegal. So does that or does that not make the Tenth Amendment come into play? This
amendment basically says if a law is forgotten or left out, the government is to leave it up
to the states to come up with the law and decide what is best for that state. But that can't
be because the federal government will not let the states do what they have been told that
could do since 1791. The voters in the states of California, Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, and
Oregon have voted and passed legislations that would make marijuana legal for medical
use. Unfortunatly the federal government will not allow people suffering from various
illnesses including, AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, and anorexia legal use of marijuana which all
could help ease their pain and suffering. Is it right that a cancer patient should be punished
and fined because he didn't feel like throwing up after his chemotherapy? Or that an AIDS
patient wanted to gain the weight that was lost because of his loss of appetite due to his
medications that he is being prescribed. Currently alcoholic drinks are legal due to
protection from the twenty-first amendment. Yet, alcohol is solely responsible for the
deaths of more then 100,000 Americans; although it is still legal. Cigarettes are legal and
contain the same amount of chemicals that marijuana does and it is directly related to the
deaths of more then 400,000 Americans. But in over 10,000 years of usage there has yet
to be a documented death due directly to the use of marijuana. By keeping marijuana
illegal it is costing taxpayers $7.5 billion a year. My resolution is that the money should be
spent on pursuing and prosecuting violent criminals, and keeping them from becoming
repeat offenders. By keeping marijuana illegal it is also making it illegal to grow hemp,

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which can be used to manufacture cloth, paper, and rope. Would you consider the
founding fathers of our country to be criminals? George Washington once said, "Make
the most of the hemp seed. Sow it everywhere." Looks like George Washington, our very
first president, was a criminal. Should he be thrown in jail and possibly violated by violent
and multiple offenders. I'm not trying to provoke anyone to go out and throw away their
money so they can relieve some stress and tension. I'm just saying that just as there are
people who drink responsibly, people can also use marijuana responsibly. Marijuana has
been illegal for over sixty years although 65 million Americans or one third of the U.S.
population still use it. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said in 1963, "One has not only a legal,
but a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws."
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