Marijuana Should Not Be Legal

Marijuana Should Not Be Legal

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Should marijuana be legal? This issue has been argued by people throughout the past few years. Marijuana has been illegal since the early 1900’s, but scientists have recently figured out that there are some uses of marijuana that could benefit people in need, people who are suffering, and people who have diseases such as arthritis. Many people in our society try to persuade the government to legalize the use of marijuana. In the article “Should Marijuana be Legal?” ‘Soon We Will Know…’ by Dr. James L. Goddard, written in Time magazine in 1969 argues the point that marijuana can not be legalized yet, because there is not enough scientific information behind it. The argument is believable because it appeals to logic, credibility, and emotion.

Dr. Goddard appeals to logic. He uses a form of logic where he states there is no scientific knowledge to legalize marijuana. Since this article was written in 1969, there is not that much information to represent. Goddard points this out when he says, “There is little scientific information of its dangers.” However, he asks many questions that are logically decisive. Goddard states, “Does the long term usage of marijuana have harmful effects?” At the time, scientific researchers did not know the long term effects, but the author points out “the principal danger is that one may become psychologically dependent on marijuana.” Marijuana is known as a drug to be not very safe. Throughout the article the author has explained many usages of logic and reason.

Goddard effectively persuades the reader to support his views with steps and phases to marijuana testing. There are three phases, scientists need to prove their theory if the drug is safe or not. Phase I is “assuring adequate supplies of the drug for testing,” Phase II is “the study of the effects on various animals,” and Phase III “hasn’t been started on yet.” Two of the three phases have been completed. No one knows what could happen in the next couple of years. The man is a doctor, but he fully doesn’t know the answers. The phases are being taken, haven’t found an answer; yet. Still there is one test to prove. Goddard believes that marijuana should not be legal for these reasons.

The credibility in the article comes from the author.

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First, the article is written by a doctor. The doctor is informed about the topic. Goddard states, “Steps are being taken to obtain answers to the question of long term effects.” Second, he is very knowledgeable with the information presented. Goddard stays in the year the article was written. He states, “Its program was initiated early this year, although limited studies had been supported in earlier years.” He is referring to the year this year when he continues and talks about the funds were“$1 million dollars in 1969.” Goddard is believable behind these reasons.

Goddard shows he is credible through the third phase. In the third phase, he shows that it hasn’t been tested by people; he states, “Answers to some of our questions will be forthcoming within a matter of months.” A fellow colleague, Dr. Stanley Tolles says, “Most of what we need to know will be available.” Doctors know the answers are coming. They just don’t have the scientific answer, yet. According to Goddard, if humans are tested and the facts are positive, it may have an impact on the future. If the facts are negative, then people’s emotions would be hurt.

Goddard expresses emotion to the people. He believes “the use of marijuana is a private act, it has the potential to cause harm to society.” However, it depends where and how you use it? Nevertheless, marijuana just as underage drinking or alcohol will be used by “adolescents” no matter if it is legal or not, because of the fact that “cannabism would become a societal problem.” Goddard says the drug is still going to be spread about throughout people young and old. “Adolescents are particularly vulnerable to this danger, because of their limited experience and less well developed habits of living.” The use of the drug will only hurt the person.

An emotion that affects people is the influence marijuana is going to have in the future. Once again, will marijuana cause a problem in the long term affects? “Does marijuana affect human chromosomes?” This is a primary example, because how will a person react. “What conditions favor continuation of marijuana use as opposed to moving to hard drugs?” There are really no side answers that can predict the future of what this drug can do. Against Dr. Goddard view, he shows an example of the facts towards the future. His questions even have people wondering what is to come. Emotions are affected through the people mind, because this drug has a sign to help people, but nothing is known which brings heartache to people. Through tests and phases, people’s minds are affected to believe that the drug should be legal. Phases and tests have affected the people’s emotion.

After the article, readers will most likely have been persuaded by Goddard’s point of view. In my critique of “Should marijuana be legal?” ‘Soon we will know…’ Dr. Goddard did persuade me to not legalize the use of marijuana through reasoning, credibility, through emotions and values.

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