Autobiographical Writing on my 5th Birthday

Autobiographical Writing on my 5th Birthday

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Autobiographical Writing

My 5th birthday

My 5th birthday is 1 of my earliest memories and is the first birthday
I can remember I don't know why it has stuck in my memory so much but
I can remember it like it was yesterday.

It started very early in the morning around 5 am which is ridiculously
early to be getting up and you wouldn't catch me getting up that early
these days, but at the time I was used to it because my mum worked at
night and my dad started work about 6 so I used to have to go round my
next door neighbors house till my mum got home at about 8, the lady
next door was called Maureen she was about 50 and she was quite tiny
and had short gray hair. I remember her to be very kind, she had a
colossal collection of video's that she let me watch every morning and
she would always offer drinks, biscuits, cakes and anything you could
think of really, her kitchen was the Aladdin's cave of cuisine and

On the morning of my birthday my dad came in my room picked me up to
carry me across to next door. I was still asleep not really knowing
what was going on around me until the fearsome freeze of the early
morning hit me round the head, winded me, then chopped off my fingers
and toe's. My dad rushed to get me to Maureen's house as quick as he
could when I got in there me and my dad sat down and had a goblet of
rosy lea (tea) with Maureen before he had to dash off to work, then
she whipped out a bowl of piping hot ready break which is like a kids
version of porridge with a ton of sugar and a blab of milk it was
lovely, I munched it down like a frog would a fly, I was still pretty
drowsy so I had a snooze on the couch. When I awoke a gigantic box
wrapped in lime green packaging was stood in the center of the room, I

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looked at Maureen thrilled with excitement as if to say for me? And
she signaled back that it was so I staggered toward it then pounced
like a lion and tore it apart. When the debris had settled there was a
big box of toy cars 50 of them to be exact I couldn't believe my eyes,
there were all in different coulors from pink to blue from orange to
black all nice and shiny brand spanking new it was amazing like id won
a mini lottery or something similar even though it was my birthday I
was really chuffed with them, there was so many I couldn't count them
all I got them out 1 by 1 giving each 1 a thorough inspection and a
good VRRRROOOOOM! Or 2. After hours of racing around on various
surfaces tiring myself out I got bored of them and my mum conveniently
arrived to take me home for a whole other hoard of surprises which I
couldn't wait to discover if they were all as good as the 1 id just
got. I was so excited I forgot to say thanks to Maureen and so I went
back round her house at lunch with a box of chocolates my mum gave me
to give to her and said thank you.
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