Essay on Types Of Personnel Strategies For Position Classification

Essay on Types Of Personnel Strategies For Position Classification

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Q2. Explain 3 types of Personnel Strategies with reference to their implications for Position Classification. What is meant by hybrid or mixed personnel strategy for adopting position classification? Explain the following terms: Rank-in-job vs. Rank-in-person; Open-Personnel Systems vs. Closed Personnel Systems; sand Lateral Entry.
a. The three types of personnel strategies are: 1) election, 2) appointment, and 3) rules composed of merit, seniority, and representativeness factors. Electoral systems emphasize values, debate, political responsiveness, and generalized knowledge of government. Elected leaders are required to serve terms and be reelected periodically if they wish to pursue a career in government. There are two types of elected personnel; first is full-time, who serves in a major office such as a governor or mayor, these individuals are provided an adequate salary that is sufficient enough to make a living. The second type or more common type is the part-timer or citizen legislator whose salary is inconsequential or very modest.
The second strategy is appointment by elected officials, in which those appointed serve at the will of those who selected them. Those individuals selected for appointment are usually selected based on the belief that they are competent or meritorious in addition to being in agreement about the elected offices policy positions. This practice is direct relationship to the spoils principle, such practices still occur today, while gross spoils selection at the career level is quite rare. A third strategy which affects the majority of public service is the rule-based selection. This strategy gives precedence to merit and is based on technical qualifications and competitive selection. No reelection ...

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...s a current information which can be used to write job descriptions and job rankings assisting with position classification, in terms of recruitment this process provides information that is up to date for position announcements.
Job analysis helps determined selection criterion that is both legal and practical for the selection process. This process also aids in identifying and detailing competencies needed to perform the job as well as any gaps that exist between those competencies and incumbent performance, this is crucial information for training and development. The identifying of concrete standards and cataloging evaluation criteria is another use for job analysis, this can potentially aid with employee appraisals. Lastly, job analysis is critical in making reasonable accommodations for those individuals who are disabled and in the redesigning jobs entirely.

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