The Legalization of Marijuana in the USA Essay

The Legalization of Marijuana in the USA Essay

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Legalization of marijuana is one of the most controversial topics in American society today. Surveys done by the US Government’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Data Archive showed that 95 million Americans have used marijuana. There are two opposing sides that have strong stances on whether it should become legal or should remain illegal. We have one side that is anti-marijuana and the other is pro-marijuana. Each side provides valid and strong arguments supporting their views. The purpose of this paper is to carefully examine each opposing side and try to find some way to come to a compromise.
First, let’s carefully look at the views of the anti-marijuana groups. There are several groups that are against marijuana legalization. To name a few are the Drug Enforcement Agency, law enforcement offices, and some religious groups. The anti-marijuana view suggests that there are more negative effects that will come from the legalization than keeping it banned. First, they argue that marijuana is the so called gateway drug to harder more addicting drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Another valid dispute is that driving while high will steadily increase and even though there are strict punishments against drinking and driving, it is hard to recognize if someone is high. Like they say unless the person has just smoked cannabis in the car, it won’t have a strong odor like the fumes coming from someone who has been drinking alcohol.
Next, there are the disagreements that if cannabis is made lawful people are afraid that it will land up in the hands of children. It has been said that if children can get their hands on alcohol and cigarettes, they will be able to find the way to getting marijuana. When this happens children will start ...

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...d place them into stores where someone would have to show proof of age just like if they were buying a pack of cigarettes or alcohol. Plus, by allowing the government to take control of the production, they could place a hefty tax on the price to help pull our economy out of a slump.
If this resolution is executed properly each of the individual desired outcomes could be achieved. The first outcome that would be achieved is it would get the United States out of recession by producing a source of tax revenue, more job opportunities and which then would allow society to go out and spend more. Second, by keeping drugs off the streets it would make it harder for children and teens to get a hold of it and become addicted. The final goal that can be achieved is the crime rate would go down because there would not be arrests and imprisonment on simple marijuana charges.

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