The Different Types of Aircraft Hazards and Support Equipment for ARFF Personnel

The Different Types of Aircraft Hazards and Support Equipment for ARFF Personnel

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To become a firefighter is not an easy job. To become an aircraft rescue and firefighter (ARFF) takes a special individual because of the unique level of duties it requires. There is a great deal of preparation and skills that ARFF personnel must have to respond effectively to any aircraft accident or incident. “Because of the extensive nature of emergencies” that ARFF personnel may come across, they must be well trained to handle any of these circumstances (Jenkins, 2008). ARFF personnel are and have to be universal in a wide range of duties. ARFF personnel must have the comprehension and ability to handle fires, emergencies, and any other types of situations that they may encounter. Some other requirements for ARFF personnel to have may include an emergency medical technician (EMT) certificate or a paramedic license. “ARFF personnel will likely encounter rescue, mass-casualty, fire fighting, and hazardous material operations” (IFSTA, 2008). ARFF personnel are usually the first to respond to an aircraft incident or accident and must be fully prepared to address any hazards or dangers at the scene. This paper will discuss the different types of aircraft hazards and support equipment for ARFF personnel.

The Different Types of Aircraft Hazards and Support Equipment for ARFF Personnel
There are many types of aircraft hazards that ARFF personnel will encounter and/or must be familiar with at an airport. ARFF personnel must know and understand the different types of aircraft hazards. Aircraft accidents will have potential hazards that involve fluids, structures, and components which can all burn at high temperatures. ARFF personnel should always avoid inhalation or ingestion of smoke, fumes, and particles of a...

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...y dangers and hazards during any emergency rescue and firefighting operation. ARFF personnel must be familiar with and know how to respond to any emergency. ARFF personnel have the skills from advanced training and experience to quickly respond to and rescue people from aircraft accidents or incidents. Technology has enhanced ARFF personnel’s capabilities and abilities to respond quicker during emergency rescue and firefighting operations. PPE and other safety equipment help protect ARFF personnel and must be worn at all times while performing any emergency rescue and firefighting operations. ARFF apparatus, support vehicles, and support equipment must be maintained and ready to support ARFF personnel during emergency rescue and firefighting operations. ARFF personnel has an extremely complex and universal profession which some people call a modern day hero.

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