The Taliban has Implemented Censorship in Afghanistan Essay

The Taliban has Implemented Censorship in Afghanistan Essay

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Immediately after the overthrow of King Zahir Shah in 1973, Afghanistan began to experience a drastic increase of media restrictions under its next ruling powers. However, when the Taliban gained control in 1996, the Islamic State of Afghanistan began a period of regulation which can be considered the most restricted in the world. Censorship is the act of a government or powerful group filtering information, news, and media to fit approved topics and categories. Under censorship, the people now have to be cautious of what they write, say, or do because if it’s deemed "offensive" or “illegal”, they can be penalized. ("Definitions of Censorship") The Taliban, an Islamic fundamentalist group, proved to be no different. Whether it was news, music, or the Internet, the Taliban was and even today is not afraid to dominate.
“The 1964 Constitution of Afghanistan and the Press Law of July 1965 provided for freedom of the press subject to comprehensive articles of proper behavior. According to the Press Law, the press was free (i.e., independent of government ownership) but must protect the interests of the state and constitutional monarchy, Islam, and public order. When the government was overthrown in July of 1973, 19 newspapers were shut down. Western-style freedom of the press has methodically eroded during the regimes of dictatorship, communism, Mujahidin factions, and the Taliban ("Press Reference–Afghanistan").” When it comes to law enforcement, it is the duty of the ruling power to carry it out. But when the ruling power promulgates laws that sternly go against the freedoms guaranteed by previous edicts of the country, the civilians have no choice but to endure the reality of a deprived life.
In terms of newspaper circulation, i...

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