Essay about Steroids, Steroids And Its Effects On The Human Body

Essay about Steroids, Steroids And Its Effects On The Human Body

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Nikki Vollrath
Mr. Guadagnino
English 3 Honors, Period 2
June 5th, 2015
Steroids In Society Today
There are a variety of different reasons why people utilize steroids. It is crucial that people have full knowledge of how steroids work and the effects they can have. Whether someone is using steroids or not it is important that everyone has an understanding of how steroids operate. Steroids have a huge impact on the human body when taken. In today’s society it is extremely common for athletes to take steroids to enhance performance. There is also a use for steroids in the medical field that can be very beneficial for specific illnesses. Certainly, there has been much controversy about the usage of steroids in today’s world, but the fact is there are both negative and positive results when dealing with steroids.
First of all, there are more than twenty different types of steroid anabolic androgenic testosterone. Steroids are classified into three groups. The first classification is the C-17 alkyl derivatives of testosterone. This type of steroid can be taken orally. Since this steroid is so easy to take it is one of the most popular. A member of the first classification steroid is Dianabol. The second classification is esters of 19-nortestosterone. These types of steroids are oil based and must be injected into a person’s fat. This drug is released at a much slower rate, which causes the harmful effects of the steroid to disappear. The third classification is the esters of testosterone, which is considered to be the most dangerous steroid. These can be injected or orally taken. “Because the drugs in this class so closely resemble natural testosterone, the unwanted androgenic effects including increased body hair growth and stunted...

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