Steroids in Sports: Right or Wrong? Essay

Steroids in Sports: Right or Wrong? Essay

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Steroids in Sports, Right or Wrong?
“We have to make some radical move to get the attention of everyone. Cheaters can't win and steroids have put us in the position that it's OK to cheat.” (Lou Brock). Steroids in professional sports has became a major issue and has yet to be justified. Steroids boost the intensity of the game and provide the athletes with more agility and skill to play the game, but should it be fair to allow them? This would give some players an advantage in their sport over the players who reject the drugs. If drugs are illegal in the common world, then why should athletes be able to get away with performance enhancing drugs in sports. Should professional athletes be allowed to use these drugs without breaking the rules?
Some people and experts feel steroids and performance enhancing drugs have no place in professional sports. “Doping affects the integrity of the sport. Sports aren’t always about winning. The saying “It’s not about whether you win or lose, it’s how you played the game,” although cliche, is absolutely correct” (April Ashby). Many individuals argue the point that steroids aren’t unhealthy because they boost the health of the athlete but statistical facts may prove otherwise. Some also say that the drugs could be easily permitted with medical supervision to control dosing and usage limits of the drugs with the

athlete, but some still deny that the drugs could be healthy at all for the athletes and there is no reason to use them and change tradition. “ Permitting the use of steroids under proper medical supervision would threaten the fairness and integrity of the game. First, athletes who choose not to use steroids are at an unfair disadvantage - most will not be able to

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