Essay about Satire Of Gulliver 's Travels By Jonathan Swift

Essay about Satire Of Gulliver 's Travels By Jonathan Swift

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Satire in Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift
Jonathan Swift, in his book, “Gulliver’s Travels” used satire to indirectly make fun of politicians, scientists, philosophers, and human in general, because back in those days these were the people who were mostly in charge of everything. In the introduction of Gulliver’s travels, Robert Demaria Jr, Henry Noble MacCracken Professor of English at Vassar College, states, “Gulliver’s travels treat all the standard topics of classical satire. Like Juvenal’s tenth satire, it makes fun of vanity of the most common of human whishes: money, power, fame, long life, learning (especially without effort), beauty, and so on” (xii). Politicians were trying to have all the power and be the in charge of the whole system, scientists were trying to explain everything with science and were saying that everything is mere based on science, philosophers were trying to find or make sense of every natural phenomena, and humans in general like always were trying to have money, fame, long life, and beauty. “It is worth noticing that Gulliver never Mentions that he finds some Lilliputians’ tradition ridiculous. Nor does he point out the similarities between what he sees and what happens in England. Swift leaves the reader to perceive the satire and to interpret it himself (Kseniia). In other words, Swift’s satire is not easily understandable by the common reader. He let the readers perceive the satire in this book by themselves according to their knowledge, this is the reason behind different point of view from different people. In the Gulliver travels, Swift came up with different characters in the different parts of the book, whom he indirectly related with politicians, scientists or philosophers and made fu...

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...f a domestic animal exhibiting more “humanity” than humans throws light on the defects of human nature in the form of the yahoo, who look and act like humans stripped of higher reason”, (62). In other words, humans are getting away from humanity while we can observe more humanity in domestic animal than in humans. As John Marshall Bullitt, a retired English faculty at Harvard, mentioned that the microscopic analysis of the human form that took place in the second voyage is now used to analyze the defects of man’s moral nature, and it is pride that prevents man from recognizing his flaws and dealing with them, (61-65). Throughout the ‘Gulliver’s Travels’, Swift very smartly organized his satire to show how power, fame, beauty and pride manipulates human nature, how it influence us being humans and makes us worst then domestic animals who exhibit more humanity than us.

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