Essay Regulating and Prescribing Medical Marijuana

Essay Regulating and Prescribing Medical Marijuana

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If you were terminally ill and the only relief you had found was in illegal plant, would you use it? If you child suffered daily from hundreds of seizures and marijuana happened to alleviate her pain, would you allow her to use it? If your mother had stage 4 cancer and marijuana was the only thing that relieved her nausea, would you look at her differently for using it? Families across the country are facing this decision on a daily basis. Marijuana users are no longer the stereotypical hippie stoner or burnout. Children, adults and the elderly can all benefit from marijuana's medical properties. Marijuana is also no longer bought from the neighborhood "hook up" but from licensed and monitored stores. The image of marijuana is changing and the laws the regulate it should change as well.
Medical marijuana and prescription drugs are very similar . Both substances have many medicinal purposes and benefits and they also carry risks. First I will discuss medical marijuana. Second I will discuss prescription drugs. Lastly, I will offer a direct comparison of the two. This will show that marijuana is a medicinal plant that should be regulated and prescribed like other prescription drugs.
Marijuana is the dried leaves of the cannabis plant (DEA). Marijuana is currently listed a Schedule I narcotic drug according to the Controlled Substances Act. The Department of Justice website states all drugs listed as a Schedule I controlled substance have "no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse" (DEA). It is important to remember the scheduling of marijuana when deciding if it should be legal for medical use.
Marijuana has been used across the world for centuries for its medical benefits. Currently medical marijuana i...

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