Essay about The Selection Process in Hiring Personnel

Essay about The Selection Process in Hiring Personnel

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The Selection Process is a systematic series of events, which results in an organization making a selection from a group of applicants. The group of applicants usually consists of individuals who best meet the selection criteria for the position available. A lot of people graduating from college will most certainly ask themselves, “just what’s involved in the selection process from a HR managers perspective, or referred to in most cases as the interviewer.” Lets take a look at the selection process, since trying to land that job of a lifetime is one of the primary reasons why most students decide to continue their education.

     Many employers follow a format called an employers guide to good practices. First there is the personnel assessment. This assessment is a systematic approach to gathering information about the individuals. This information is used to make employment or career-related decisions about applicants and employees. For example, an employer may use personnel assessment to select employees for a job. And career counselors may conduct personnel assessment to provide career guidance to clients.

     Personnel assessment tools, such as tests and procedures, are used to measure an individual’s employment or career related qualifications. There are many types of personnel assessment tools. These include traditional knowledge and ability tests, inventories, subjective procedures, and projective instruments. Personnel assessment tools differ in purpose, what they are designed to measure what they are designed to predict, work samples, and levels of standards, objectives, and productivity. All assessment tools used to make employment decisions, regardless of their layout, are subject to legal standards.

     For example, both the evaluation of a resume and the use of a highly standardized achievement test must comply with applicable laws. Assessment tools used only for career counseling are usually not held to the same legal standards. Employers should remember that personnel tests provide only part of the picture about a person. However, these steps help combine and evaluate all the information gathered about a person to make career or employment related decisions. People differ on many psychological and physical characteristics.

These characteristics are called constructs. For example, people skillful in verbal and mathematical ...

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...ot be released to other organizations or individuals without the informed consent of the test taker.
And lastly, procedure thirteen ensures that scores are interpreted properly. Tests are used to make references to people’s characteristics, capabilities, and future performance. The references should be reasonable, well founded, and not based upon stereotypes. If test scores are not interpreted properly, the conclusions drawn from them are likely to be invalid, thus leading to poor decision making. The organization should ensure that there is solid evidence to justify the test score results and the employment decisions made based from the scores.

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