Essay about Philosophy of Education - The Quest for Knowledge

Essay about Philosophy of Education - The Quest for Knowledge

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Philosophy of Education - The Quest for Knowledge

Ray Wilber once stated, "The potential possibilities of any child are the most intriguing and stimulating in all creation." This simple quote is incredibly motivating to any educator, especially myself. To me, children bring a certain smile to my face whenever they enter a room and so to be a teacher is to know the greatest happiness. Beyond love, education is the greatest gift you can offer a child and teaching allows you to bring that incalculable knowledge to their growing minds.

From my personal and professional experiences with children, I have learned that their minds are like clay ready to be molded and sculpted with new experiences. As any constructivist, I highly believe that children actively construct their own knowledge by interacting with the external world. Their interaction with the world and others is the reason why they gather information so quickly and with much enthusiasm. Children should be given the opportunity to figure out problems through exploration, inquiry and application, rather than being...

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