Essay on The V-Chip and Censorship

Essay on The V-Chip and Censorship

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The V-Chip

The Violence Chip, or V-Chip, is a technological invention that allows parents to block television that they deem unsuitable for their children to watch. Most television shows include a rating which was established by the Broadcasting industry. This rating is encoded into the programs, and the V-chip technology reads the encoded information and blocks the correct shows. Parents can program the V-chip to block certain shows based on their ratings by using the remote control.

Since January 1, 2000, the FCC now requires all new television sets that are 13 inches or larger to include the V-chip. Television manufacturers say that the V-chip will add less than one dollar to the cost of producing a TV set. If you want a V-chip but do not want to buy a new television, getting a ...

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