The Presence And Role Of Steroids Essay

The Presence And Role Of Steroids Essay

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The presence and role of steroids has been a controversial topic in the world of baseball, especially pertaining to the Hall of Fame. While the majority of voters choose not to allow proven PED users, such as Barry Bonds, into the Hall of Fame, debate still persists, as many believe that the Hall of Fame voters should not discriminate between clean players and PED users. Not only do steroids have serious health implications, but they also pose a serious threat to the integrity of the game. For these reasons, along with many more, the MLB and its Hall of Fame voters should not allow those proven to be steroid users into the Hall of Fame.
PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) have had a tumultuous history in the MLB. While it is known that anabolic steroids and other PEDs have circulated through the league since 1973, it is certainly reasonable to believe that they have been around since before 1973 (Mitchell 28). Steroid use offers a variety of illegitimate advantages to players of all skill levels such as improved strength, speed, and endurance: an effective counter to the debilitating effects of age; and greater injury prevention and recovery. Whatever the desired effect may be for any respective steroid user, the reality is that PEDs provide unfair advantages, which have plagued the league for decades. The most infamous period of steroid use is known as the steroid era. PEDs ran rampant throughout the league during this problematic time period, which began around the late 1980s and lasted until the late 2000s. Public knowledge of the MLB’s doping problem began to surface as news of standout players such as Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco were implicated in cheating through the use of steroids (ESPN Debate vid). While steroids were ou...

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...utinize the legacy of Hall of Famers from the distant past, as well as to abolish all stats associated with steroid users would accomplish very little and create problems that cannot be understated.
The tangible impact of steroids on the sport of baseball can be seen in areas that expand farther than their physical impact on the game. The debate over the Hall of Fame status of PED users is one of the most heated the sport has ever seen. As of now, voters appear to be firmly attached to their stance of not selecting confirmed cheaters; nevertheless, the MLB should move one step further and make proven PED users ineligible for HOF induction. Their conspicuous threat to the integrity of the game and its hall, combined with its numerous other negative effects create a mixture that is too despicable to ignore and reward with the game’s honor that is Hall of Fame entry.

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