Essay on Never Giving Up on a Dream Job

Essay on Never Giving Up on a Dream Job

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Ever since I was a little girl my dream job was to be a fashion designer. Over the years, I lost that passion like a candle burning out. Soon after high school was over, I had no idea what I wanted to be or what to even pursue in life. I still decide to go to college rather than staying home doing nothing, might as well knock out a few general education classes. When a few family members came over we started to talk about a few careers choices that would fit some of my skill sets that I have obtain over the years of growing up and working with my parents. That is when it hit me, wasting two years and half later my new dream job was gazing at me straight in the eyes. My life had a new meaning all over again, with this new dream job that I was going to pursue as a Pharmacy Technician.
Out of all the careers I talked over with my family members Pharmacy Technician was the one that stood out the most for its skill sets, the environment in the work field, payment and the continuing of education. I began doing a bit of research on Pharmacy Technician. Based on the information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the important qualities to be in this field would be, “Customer-service skills, detail oriented, listening skills, math skills and organization skills.” Part of these skill sets fit so perfectly with my personality such as detail oriented, listening and organization skills. The other two skill sets, math and customer service will work best to my abilities. Since Pharmacy Technicians use a lot of math in this work field. I’m not afraid to take higher math if they need me to, the higher the better. Customer service will be the trickiest one of them all, since I’m the type of person to be alone most of the time. I never got...

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...that no longer have any use get dropped out. I have been encouraged to keep going to school even after I graduate Heald College in order to higher the degree in my degree as a Pharmacy Technician.
Nobody should ever live without giving their dream job a chance even if it wasn’t your first choice. There is always one out there that is the perfect fit for each one of us; we just have to keep on looking and never giving up. I never gave up looking and here I’m at Heald College, my dream as a Pharmacy Technician has been growing more than ever before.

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