Essay about My Philosophy of Education and Those with Disabilities

Essay about My Philosophy of Education and Those with Disabilities

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There are 50 million people in the United States who have some kind of disability. People with disabilities are discriminated against in the United States. It is not a discrimination that is talked about like race, or gender. This discrimination usually takes the form of avoidance. People to do understand, or know how to act around a person with a disability, so they ignore the person. This is not right because people should not be defined by a disability; instead they need to be recognized as a person, just like any one else. We need to provide awareness about people with disabilities.
Students and adults with disabilities can be hidden away in the world and are not always given a chance to spend time with people without disabilities. Disabled students can be in classes where they are with the same students all through the day, and if they are mainstreamed they might have a paraprofessional to help them, which sets them even more apart then the other students. In the lunchroom these disabled students sit at their own table and can be ignored by the other students in the school. When these students grow up they might go and live in a group home where again they are separated from the rest of the world. We need to find a way to stop separating people and start mixing them in with each other.
What a person with a disability needs is friend who is their because they just want to be. A lot of the people who spend time with someone who has a disability is another person with a disability, and people who are getting paid. Not saying that the person getting paid is not worthwhile but there’s a difference between being a friend and some being paid to spend time with you. By having people who do not have a disabilities spend time with ...

... middle of paper ... also working on contacting local representatives to gain their support.
Be A Friend has jut started to build on what it goal for the future. Getting volunteers in the schools and group home is just the first step in the building of this organization. We plan on broadening the activities for the participants. We want to start having community activities for our participants. These activities will included a movie night, baking lesson, and sport leagues. Then hopefully after we have become well known in the St. Cloud area we will be able to expand the organization state wide, then—hopefully—nation wide. We are confident that after all our hard work we will help give people with disabilities a chance to do things they might not of been able to have done before. Also we hope to get the rest of the world aware of what a person with a disability is capable of doing.

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