Essay on Marijuana: Can It Really Benefit Us?

Essay on Marijuana: Can It Really Benefit Us?

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Marijuana: Can It Really Benefit Us?
The world today is a lot different from the way it used to be. The way we live in 2015 is more up to date with technology and are able to find out how each medicine can affect a person. One of the possible ways many states are taking into consideration is the idea of using medical marijuana to help people cope with the pain due to the illnesses they have. Marijuana mainly helps ease the pain and even helps with nausea. It has left countless positive impacts on people that have used this for medical purposes. Whether marijuana is used to cope with pain or maybe even a patients only other option to easing their pain. Legalizing marijuana for medical use would improve the lives of countless people in Pennsylvania who are suffering with painful illnesses. Governments need to realize the benefits that come from marijuana, even though marijuana may be considered a drug it has been proven to help people cope with the pain that comes along with countless illnesses.
Many people tend to believe that there is not a way that marijuana can help a person for medical reasons, they only see it as a drug and nothing more. Marijuana does have benefits such as gaining relief from feelings with depression, anxiety and stress. Also with sleeping difficulties, concentration, and physical pain to the body. It specifically has provided relief from symptoms of cancer, wasting, AIDS, multiple sclerosis. From recent polls pain and mood were the primary reasons as to why people used.
Since 1996 eighteen states rejected the laws for allowing patients to possess marijuana for medical reasons such as for pain or nausea. Polls have shown that more than 70% of Americans supports allowing the use of marijuana(O`Keefe, pg ...

... middle of paper ...

...nk of how many people could become pain free and have a easier time dealing with their sickness instead of being afraid of getting caught or being in a state that its not legalized in.
Marijuana will always be a two-sided story people, marijuana will always have someone for or against using and that will never change. Marijuana is not a bad drug, it has helped countless people cope with their illnesses by being able to escape the pain and being able to live their lives pain free. Even though their are numerous impacts as to why marijuana is good for us there are also cons to take into consideration that all good things had side effects to them. With that being said for the future I hope to see the legalization of marijuana come in take just so help people are able to decrease pain and get innocent people out of jail for selling or possessing a harmless drug.

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