Essay on Looking Back at My Story

Essay on Looking Back at My Story

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I was just a mere little boy who will walk the street and chase chickens around in the day and at night when I was tired, I would look at the sky in awe and wonder what made the stars twinkle. Why did everything go the way it went? Other times, I would drop a glass and wonder why it would not get back together from the pieces. Eventually, I got scolded for it. I needed answers. I required explanations which would satisfy me. I did not even understand why I would be second to a girl from 1st grade.
In seventh grade, I picked up a new objective; to be a perfectionist. I tried hard, very hard. I would sit in the corner of my class every night and try to get everything out of the book into my head and every skill to my fingertips. I chased teachers around trying to get every piece of information I wanted. Sometimes, I would steal into the computer laboratory and look up the internet for information. I made sure everything was spick and span. Sometimes, I even went to the beach and tried walking without leaving my footprints in the sand. Occasionally, I would join my mates to play footba...

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