Liberty and Justice for All: The Pursuit for Gay Rights Essay

Liberty and Justice for All: The Pursuit for Gay Rights Essay

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Historically defined as the union between a man and women the idea of marriage has been socially ingrained into the minds of Americans leaving any other possibilities of who love can happen between as unacceptable. These strong societal beliefs are far from the truth yet dictate the ability of homosexuals rights to marry one another. Avoiding defining what marriage entails in the constitution, the issue of whether or not gay people have the right to marry has become a state issue. The conservative idea of marriage is changing as society is undergoing a transformation in its beliefs to a more liberal stance. As a country that has progressed towards being more egalitarian and inclusive in ensuring individuals rights, the right of marriage should be available to all couples, across all states, regardless of their sexual preferences.
Fighting for the rights guaranteed to every citizen in the United States Constitution Americans have claimed that by denying homosexuals the right to marry each other is an act of discrimination upon a specific group of people. Not all Americans are being included in their civil right to equal treatment. By not addressing, what constitutes a marriage the federal government has left it up to states to form their own laws defining the idea of marriage . . This issue should be one of structural lawmaking and the identification of marriage as being more than between a couple of opposite sexes but its proven to be more that . To change law has become a fight to change social attitudes and norms that have long prevailed in society. Demonstrating an understanding of people’s rights and the ever changing social attitudes and values of Americans, “ As of Jan. 6, 2014 gay marriage has legalized in the followin...

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...uman beings that deserve to be treated no differently than anybody else by being given equal opportunities in life. Every individual should have the choice to marry the person they love and let their children have the choice to marry the person they love. Shifting the country towards becoming a tolerant nation free of prejudice and demonstrative of its liberty and justice for all, homosexuals should have the choice to marry the person they love.

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