Leadership, Organizational Skills, And Critical Thinking And Analytical Abilities

Leadership, Organizational Skills, And Critical Thinking And Analytical Abilities

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An MBA along with good work ethics, organizational skills, and critical thinking and analytical abilities, are more likely to be hired in today’s market place than those with moderate experience. These basic skills and principles are all centered around the fundamental tenant of leadership. The ability to consistently display strong leadership skills is essential in today’s market.
Of course, with leadership, strong ethics must also be instilled to avoid situations that have previously destroyed companies like Enron, WorldCom, and Tyco to name a few. Leaders that can keep their egos under control and not become greedy will stand a far better chance in advancing their company and increasing their profits. The MBA holder who can both lead an organization and make those critical ethically based decisions while considering how both other people and the environment will be affected by their actions will find that their worth to an organization will be more than the paycheck they receive (Woods, 2007).
Leaders aspire for change in people toward a desired goal. Lussier & Achua (2004) detailed that leadership was a procedure that not only influenced employees, but leaders also to accomplish the goals of the organization (p. 42) Business leadership interweaves the higher corporate vision of the board or CEO with the MBA leader to influence decisions on organizational objectives, transformation of corporations and its people. Business involves communicating with people. One of the most valuable tools as a leader is effective communication. Effective communication is leadership to direct someone somewhere to do something some way, but the question is where, how and it must be measured.
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...do they engage their workforces effectively (Kotter, 2012, p. IV). Kotter also found that companies that became particularly adept at continuous change have three characteristics in common. They closely followed a known process, they allowed the process to flex itself to their specific contexts, and they measured their efforts in terms of results. There has to be people though to make this strategy become a semi-institutionalized behavior within the organization, there are well-rounded MBA holders who are leading organizations through difficult transitions. These individuals have a capability that has enhanced their success rate in the present and the future. It has also more than likely already helped them survive organizational restructuring in industries that have been forced to change. Individuals and organizations that will not or cannot evolve will not last.

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