Essay about Guns : The Battle For Gun Control

Essay about Guns : The Battle For Gun Control

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Gun Control in America
One can argue that guns in America may or may not be a big issue. There is an old saying that says “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Nevertheless, the tragedies of what one may think guns is one of America’s biggest problem. Guns is becoming one of the most argumentable issues of whether it should be more laws against guns or more leniency with guns. Guns has now become an expeditiously issue in America, between the fear of guns and how many people owning them, the many outrageous loopholes in the system, the lack of mental and criminal records, and the lack of stricter laws on guns.
One is aware that out of all people, Mr. President, you would know about the issues of gun control here in America. America is so entertained by guns and it is one of the deadliest weapons here in America. In the article “In Congress, the Uphill Battle for Gun Control”, the author, Emma Schwartz indicated that “four out of every 10 Americans own a gun. And nearly 3 out of 4 believe that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual the right to have a firearm.” The vast majority of everyone are afraid of guns, however, there are some people who are infatuated with guns. Guns could possibly make one empowered, it could also have one feeling as if that person was pretending to be God. Giving someone that power to spare a person’s life or to end it right now. According to Ezra Klien, in the article, “Six Facts About Guns, Violence, and Gun Control” he stated that “America is an unusually violent country. But we’re not as bad as we used to be.” America has been dealing with guns and gun violence since the 1960’s according to Gallop Poll; General Social Survey.
Mr. President, children are now being exposed to guns, ...

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...violence in America. To be able to purchase a gun one should only be allowed to have up to a certain number of ammunition per year, once that person has used all of their ammunition they should not be allowed to purchase another set of how many ever ammunition that person could buy from the year one has purchased the gun.
Guns has taken many lives, Congress can help you prevent from having many more lives taken from this issue. America should be the “Land of the Free” like us Americans claim to be. However, one cannot be free if one is scared to send their children off to school without having to worry about someone opening fire into a school, a church, or a mall. One understands that there are more important issues to be worried about here in America, but if you could just take the time out and look about enforcing stricter gun laws it would be much appreciated.

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