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Gun Control Under Control Essay

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Gun Control Under Control
Whenever a shooting happens, such Columbine, the Aurora Theater Shooting, or the Navy Yard shooting, the question of gun control comes up in politics again. Then after a month or two, the topic is dropped, until yet another shooting happens. When is this nation going to finally make a change? America needs to put more emphasis on making certain potential criminals and the clinically insane do not have access to such dangerous weapons. What about the little boy who found his parent’s gun in his parent’s bedside drawer and accidentally shot himself? Should there not be laws to protect him? The answer is yes. The government needs to take guns out of the hands of criminals and children and into the hands of people who can use them responsibly because the amount of deaths in this country that come from guns used in crimes or tragic gun accidents is just to high.
Forty percent of American homes have guns, but more than half of Americans agree there should be better restrictions on guns (0n 1). According to a document by On the Issues, about gun control, guns hurt about 1,500 children every year. Situations like careless gun owners leaving a loaded gun in a bedside table and a child accidently hurting him or herself happens all to often. There needs to be a gun control law prohibiting households with children from having guns unless the gun is unloaded and locked away out of the reach of little hands. Households without children also have a high risk of accidents happening as well. For
Flanagan 2
example a pregnant woman was making her bed when a gun tucked into the bed fired and killed her (Kopel 1). What a waste of life, her baby, killed by the horrors of the world before he or she even entered the worl...

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... and their own naïve nature, the clinically insane who will act out violently with any emotion, and most certainly away from the criminals who will use guns to get what they want. Americans are proud of their right to bear arms but those who endanger the lives of others with the ownership of those guns must forfeit that right in the best interest for the American people.

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