Gun Control And The Right Of Self Protection Essay

Gun Control And The Right Of Self Protection Essay

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Gun control is one of the major issues in the United States and many have different opinions on how to handle the issue. There are two sides of the gun debate: one is gun control and the other is known as the pro-gun rights groups. One side with the approbation of gun control, debates that the U.S. should have stricter regulations, so there would be less crime and violence. The pro-gun rights groups, debates that guns are needed for self-defense and to protect our rights to own guns.
The gun control group favors for more gun laws. They want more registration or more licensing to obtain legal ownership of guns. They want to close any loopholes and hinder any illegal ownership of guns. The gun control group respects the right of self-protection, but they want to add more laws to limit the possession of guns. They want to extend waiting periods to perform background checks on the person seeking to legally own a gun.
They think that America is a more violent place because of the loopholes that allows easy access to guns. An example is at Columbine High School, according to CNN, “Two t...

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