Gulliver 's Frustration For Governed Society Essay

Gulliver 's Frustration For Governed Society Essay

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Gulliver’s frustration for governed society
As a member of any governed society, there has not been a way to directly impact the political system in a meaningful way. It was Lemuel Gulliver’s naivetés and gullible sense that led him to realize the truth where corruption and greed lies. Jonathan Swift’s, Gulliver’s Travels takes the main character Gulliver, a surgeon and a ship captain, on a series of elating adventures but in the actuality, the voyage is rather turned to a misadventure due to a shipwreck that ended up instead on several unknown islands living with outlandish people and animals of unusual sizes, behaviors, and more importantly, different philosophies. After each adventure, Gulliver finds a way to return home in England where he recovers from these unusual encounters and then sails out again on a new voyage. Behind each journeys, he essentially sets a message out disguising it in his narrative by attacking the English authoritarians in particular by satirizing them and the pettiness of human nature in general. Because there are numbers of political issues in Swift’s contemporary that are just as relevant today, he exerts a series of allusions: “for its objects are human failings and defective political, economics, and social institutions.”(Gulliver’s Travel, 1058) Swift adopted an ancient satirical device to depict and identify the critical of Whigs party in his native land.
One of the allusion that Swift emphasized critically is the government 's role in education. It reflects much of the debate over the issue today as the final solution never get put out although the equality is supposed but the results in practice is much greater inequity than unbarring to keep the elites wealthy and it puts up a challenging c...

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...ight irrational.
This bring toward the notion that Gulliver suggests the underlying message of the work as a whole functions to alter the basis of English society by adopting a simpler and more rational method of governing much like the Brobdingnag. One might wonder, if the purpose of the work is to prove that the Houyhnhnms live ideally and English society should imitate their way of life, then why did Gulliver withdraw himself from society instead of attempting to advocate or perhaps running for an office to bring England to change? Perhaps in removing himself from society, Gulliver is attempting to set an example to his family and his entire community or maybe Gulliver is disgusted by humans due to their resemblance to Yahoos, his efforts would be pointless although he desires to change them because he simply cannot bear to be around them due to pure detestation.

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