The Growth in My Analytical Ability Essay

The Growth in My Analytical Ability Essay

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One statement that qualifies my experience with the Leadership two seminar is that I have learnt to pause and think critically into any situation. No matter how direct and simple a situation may seem, most of the time, it is not that straightforward and sometimes does not have a one answer as in the mathematical problems we solve. I have experienced growth in my analytical ability and I have gained fresh bright insights into real life issues.
I knew that the leaders were accountable to us because they were elected by us but my conviction became more grounded after this leadership seminar on leadership, morality, rights and the rule of law. Jean Jacques Rousseau from his book “the social contract” made me understand the issue of leaders’ accountability in a more profound way that rested with me. I assimilated that if a person has given up his natural liberty up a leader to control in exchange for civil liberty then he deserves to benefit from his sacrifice and he deserves to be appreciated and respected for that selfless decision. Therefore the practice whereby citizens of Ghana go on air to beg for amenities is actually a non-starter because Ghanaians have a right to everything under the constitution. I was very amazed to discover that that, it was possible that people desire their own good but they cannot always discern it because the general will can be corrupted. This means that it is possible for people to approve of something that is not for their own good because of corruption. This made me fully understand why members of a country will approve of non-beneficial laws and vote for leaders whose manifestos virtually says nothing; this no longer baffled me.
I thought the issue of democracy was a western idea but my eyes were o...

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...ue of right and wrong was determined largely by religion and conscience. I came to realize however that, moral situations arise when an act can lead to an increase or decrease in a person’s wellbeing. It conflicted with my beliefs but I came to accept it because I realized that all the teachings of religion and issues with conscience had to with whether an agent wellbeing was being considered.
To sum up, the leadership seminar has been one captivating experience full of moments to reflect and look deeper underneath the surface. I have experienced few values that conflicted with my values but I have gained positive insights into values and I have enriched some of the values I already held. I have become a critical thinker who views the world through many different lenses and for that I highly appreciate this seminar and would have to have more of these in the future.

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