Group Simulation: Negotiation Essay

Group Simulation: Negotiation Essay

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The simulated mediation of Carmel and Warren was an intriguing storyline with a great twisting of events. This simulation in particular depicted the use of both positional and principle negotiation. Alongside these two methods the uses of prominent mediation strategies were also well adapted during the simulation.

The role of Warren was created as an egotistical male who demanded the respect of those employed beneath him. He was also very defensive in his approach to Carmel and seemingly made this well known.

Carmel on the other hand was portrayed as a hard working woman with a distain for immaturity and a believer that respect is earned and therefore not given along with a superior job position.

Both Warren and Carmel have the idea of a promotion in mind, although not in the same thought process, and during the mediation it was found they could appease each other.

The simulation began in a positional negotiation phase where Warren could only see that he deserved what he wanted and Carmel could only see the promotion. The mediator began the face to face session with Carmel’s opening statement to be followed by Warren’s statement. However, as Carmel spoke, Warren took it upon himself to correct her, talk over her and interrupt the statement which created a very strained atmosphere between them both. Multiple times the mediator stopped Carmel to put an end to Warren’s constant backchat.
Carmel continued to express herself and her opinions regarding the hostility of the situation between them. Matters like a lack of respect from Warren, her concern over the attention he paid other employees and also her disappointment in his social life mixing with his professional life were among her top concerns.

Warren’s statement was extreme...

... middle of paper ...

...s and leave the mediations with what they wanted or ‘at least more than they initially thought they’d get’ .

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