Essay on Fishing with My Grandmother

Essay on Fishing with My Grandmother

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When summer time comes around people get excited about swimming , taking family vacations , but for me it is fishing with my grandma. Nothing is better to me and my grandma than throwing a poll out in the water and kicking back in a chair and waiting. Growing up my grandma would take me to do a lot of things as a child but fishing was my all time favorite thing to do. Sometimes on the weekends we would take little road trips for the day and in the back of the truck was always my fishing pole. My grandma would pull over on the side of the road when we would pass a river or a creek and we would always get out and look over the rail to see if we seen any fish , if i seen a fish i would run to the truck grab my pole and throw it in the water. As a child fishing just came natural to me it wasn't something she had to show me how to do for hours it was something i just naturally picked up.

One summer me and my grandma and uncle went out of town to visit some family in southeast kansas and i knew we would go to are favorite fishing spot while we were there. I was so excited after we went and visited family we went back to the hotel room i knew i should get some rest cause we were going to get up early. The next morning we got around it was about 7am the orange sun was glowing we headed out to the stock pond we fished at when we are out here. After we got out there and got all are stuff set up i had my grandma put some bait on my hook cause i thought it was gross , after she baited my hook i casted my pole out as far as i could and then sat back and waited. As the day went on and the sun got higher and hotter i heard my grandmas bell start ringing on here fishing pole i looked over and seen here jerk it , she started reeling it in it to...

... middle of paper ... i also enjoy it because it is so peacful and quite. Fishing isn't for everbody it takes alot of patience to fish and that was something my grandma always remined me. My grandma was a very wise woman and was excellent at fishing. Now that i am older i still love fishing and i will always love fishing. I will pass down everything my grandma taught me about fishing down to my children and i hope they will love fishing like i did as a child and create many more memories down the line. My grandma taught me many things in life but she always made me see the finer things in life you don't always need money to have fun it's the little things that can make someone the happiest cause i know she always made me happy i will carry on the thing's she taught me and the love of nature and all the life lessons ive learned from her the rest of my life.
R.I.P Granny *1-11-13*

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