Firearms and Gun Control in America Essay

Firearms and Gun Control in America Essay

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Firearms are a huge part of the American culture; guns are used for various tasks. These firearms have recently assumed a bad name due to the lawbreakers that have been doing horrible actions with them. However, anything can acquire a bad review or reputation due to incorrect usage. A pencil can receive the label a weapon if set in the wrong hands and participates in a horrific act. A pencil can be a weapon that states wrongful information or hurtful facts that can destroy people. There have been tragedies, which have given guns a nasty reputation, but shouldn’t the person have the awful reputation, the gun did not choose to take this action. I do agree that there should be stricter rules, and some banning of certain models would be good but not every gun should have to recompense for these acts. Not all Americans should have to suffer because of criminal deeds; numerous American citizens by means of hunting, self-defense or safety, and sporting events use firearms responsibly.
Countless sportsman around the sphere commonly use guns for hunting. Occasionally this is the leading contributor to nourishing a family. Various men and women believe in supplying for their family in means of living off the land. Numerous animals are easy to come by in nature, which provides a variety of meat to hunters. To particular sportsmen this meat is superior to any store bought substance. Several sportsmen spend countless hours in the woodlands to pursue these animals. According to Bob Adams article, President Bill Clinton indicated in 1993 “I came from a state where half the folks have hunting and fishing licenses, this is a big part of American culture we even close schools for the first day of deer season.” Sportsmen prepare all y...

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...and sporting events. Not all citizens believe in guns or want guns that is perfectly fine, that is their decision and their opinions. Nonetheless, not all firearms require being taken away from citizens who respect the firearms and use them wisely.

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