Faith and Diversity in Religions Essay

Faith and Diversity in Religions Essay

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In my life, I have come across different religions such as Christianity and Judaism. I grew up in a Christian household and I have come across Judaism with family friends and even my own family. I have attended Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s for my family friends and I got to see a bit of Jewish culture and tradition which I greatly appreciated that I could be a part of. Along with experiencing Judaism, my aunt converted from Christianity to Judaism when she married my uncle. I got to see a conversion of religions which was very cool and fascinating. I have been guided in the right direction in regards to my faith by my parents, my youth leader and my grandmother. I have been open to learning about other religions and I accept other religions.
My parents were very influential in the development of my story. They have been with me every step of the way through everything I have encountered throughout my life. “We will always be here for you no matter what, supporting you with everything in life. God will always be there for you and he will love you unconditionally and he will support you and guide you” (mom and dad). My youth leader has been very inspirational when talking to my youth group. “God is present in all of us, whether we choose to acknowledge him or not. God will always be there and you can talk to him about anything. He does not judge and will forever listen to you” (youth pastor). My grandmother was always playing music and loved to get dressed up for church and to spread God’s love. She made me excited to go to church and spread my faith. “Believing in God is important and it can help you with everything. God will always guide you in the right direction when you are unsure of where to go in life. Always remember that you have ...

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... my life and influences from other people may alter my ideas, but my beliefs and faith will never falter. I will always believe in God. I know that God is with me every step of the way throughout my life whether it is good or bad. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that if God wanted or wants something to happen on purpose, he would make it happen or he would steer me in the right direction so that I can make it happen on my own.
I believe that God has guided me through many obstacles and tough decisions in my life, so I know that whatever I encounter in my life from here on out, he will be there for me, shining the light, guiding me the right way.
I will continue to learn about my faith and other religions and learn about what others do with their faith. I will continue to be respectful of others’ faiths and to always be a good upstanding Christian.

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