Does Steroids Affect Males Differently? Essay

Does Steroids Affect Males Differently? Essay

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“roid-rage”, but of an increase also in self-esteem, mood-swings, and episodes of delusional thinking (CESAR, 2013). This is quite a frightening finding as it would seem that the steroids would not only fuel the user in increasing their muscular strength and stamina, but it also fuels the persons mindset to use the new found power they possess. However, a complete personality and behavioral change of an individual is not the scariest risk of steroid use. It has been found that steroids affect males differently than they do female when it comes to physical body changes that an individual goes through when using steroids, the health risks a user takes on when they start to prolong the usage of the drug and abuse it however, affects both sexes.
If an individual strictly follows a prescription given out by a doctor, many drugs that have severe risks can be safe and effective at controlling or aiding what they need to in the prescribed body, and the same is true for AAS. AAS can aide those who have a low production of naturally occurring testosterone if the individual is cautious of following the dosage the doctors have proscribed (Woolston, 2015). However, it has been found that those who use and abuse steroids display a disruption in the production of their hormones within their bodies. This change in hormone production can cause reversible health changes such as acne in males or clitoral enlargement in females, but it has also been linked to more severe health threats to the user. If an adolescent were to take steroids, and even if a dependence or abuse of the drug were to take place, there is a significant chance the adolescent would have stunted growth due to the steroid use. The user of the drug would also experience a shift in t...

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...s, 2013). Unlike the United Kingdom however, Canada does not consider possession and use of AAS to be illegal nor punishable on the federal level. However, the circulation of the drug most certainly is finable up to $1,000, and the perpetrator may or may not have a prison sentence, which would only be for a maximum of six months if convicted. The country with the most severe regulations about AAS, outside of the United States, is Australia. In 1994, the Poisons and Drugs Act was passed that places any possession, use, importation, purchasing, and buying of AAS a felonious act. The most minimal repercussions come with a fine of $5,000 with or without an addition of six months in prison (Steroid Laws, 2013). The knowledge and understanding of AAS is still quite new and other countries are still developing. It is for the most part understood that steroids are dangerous,

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