Essay about The Death Penalty As A Form Of Punishment

Essay about The Death Penalty As A Form Of Punishment

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Almost all the countries in the world once had the death penalty or still have it. The death penalty is use in cases as a form of punishment. In the United State, it is use as a punishment for offenders who have committed a capital offense. Many people argue that the death penalty help prevent the crime rate from prevailing in our society. However we do have some people who think it is a harsh work. Along with the history, the different ways of putting a person to death, makes the death sentencing one of the most effective ways to put fear in someone’s eye before they think about committing the same criminal act. By introducing fear, many believe it will reduce the crime rate.
Capital punishment is also referred to some people as “the death penalty,” it have been around for thousands of years. It was first established in the eighteenth century B.C. During that time period, the Code of Hammurabi carried out the first known death penalty law. It codified twenty five different crimes. In the tenth century A.D, Great Britain adopted the death penalty law by using hanging as their main method of executions. Years later, they started to use new method such as burning someone alive, boiling and beheading. Those method were used during the resign of King Henry VIII. The British was putting people to death for minor crimes such as cutting down a tree. Juries were not convicting defendant because most of the offense they committed were not a serious crime; from 1823 to 1837, the death penalty was eliminated to over one hundred of the two hundred and twenty two crimes punishable by death (Randa, 1997), because of that, the British was forced to reform their death penalty laws.
History of capital punishment in the United States.
Great Brit...

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...decreasing year by year. As stated, in the United States, thirty one states have the death penalty and nineteen does not have it. Since 2005, seven states abolished their death penalty as of July 1, 2005.
Every American citizen were born with certain type of rights. When a person takes the life of another person, he or she forfeit that person’s right. Therefore, the death penalty law is forfeiting people’s rights. In a capital punishment case, the person who will be taking the defendant’s life should also be guilty. The death penalty laws, show that the “an eye for an eye” mindset still exists. The death penalty should be abolished in every country in the world and change it to life imprisonment without parole. Life imprisonment without parole should have been the highest type of punishment. Taking away a criminal freedom for life is a satisfying form of punishment.

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