The Controversy Of Gay And Lesbian Families Essay

The Controversy Of Gay And Lesbian Families Essay

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Gay and lesbian families deal with a great amount of controversy from people all over the world. Although it is starting to be viewed differently as times and laws change, people wonder what the effects of having same sex parents have on the children being raised in that household. To better understand how gay and lesbian families are viewed in society, it is important to look at the history behind the gay rights movements, and studies aimed at the development of children who are growing up in a same-sex household.
Previous to the 20th century, same-sex relationships were looked down on not just morally, but taken into the hands of the law. For instance, in Britain during the 1500’s, homosexuality was punishable by death. In the same manner, in Germany any acts of homosexuality were punished by the loss of civil rights and prison. We have come a long way since then, slowly coming out of silence one voice at a time. Research wasn’t sparked around the world until 1919 starting with Mangus Hirschfeld, who was the founder of the Institute of Sexual Science. Mangus’s research trickled over to the United States, interesting scientists to look more into sex research (Gay rights movement. (2015). In Encyclopaedia Britannica. Retrieved from Even so, United States was a little later to start their gay rights movement. Many years later, a big event took place that caused chaos and rioting. The Stonewall Inn, which was a gay bar, was raided by police on June 28th, 1969. In New York City, it was illegal for homosexuals to solicit. Policemen arrested the employees of the bar for not working with proper liquor licenses, attacked many of their customers, a...

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...ptomatology and essentially no differences in areas related to performance in key areas of life functioning.” Although this is the case, they found that there are higher rates of external stress that is linked with higher rates of attempted suicide and substance abuse. This issue is mostly a result of societies views and homophobia. Another assumption commonly made as a con against same-sex families is that lesbian women are less maternal. When researchers asked homosexual individuals why they wanted kids, their answered matched up with their heterosexual counterparts. One main reason that is against the argument is that they “wish to be pregnant and to give birth, the desire to recreate their memorable childhoods.” These are commonly brought up when arguing about the issue, and many different researches have been done to both contradict and support these arguments.

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