The Constitutional Right Of Gay Marriage Essay

The Constitutional Right Of Gay Marriage Essay

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The constitutional right of gay marriage is a hot topic for debate in the United States. Currently, 37 states have legal gay marriage, while 13 states have banned gay marriage. The two essays, "What’s Wrong with Gay Marriage?" by Katha Pollitt and "Gay "Marriage": Societal Suicide" by Charles Colson provide a compare and contrast view of why gay marriage should be legal or not. Pollitt argues that gay marriage is a constitutional human right and that it should be legal, while Colson believes that gay marriage is sacrilegious act that should not be legal in the United States and that “it provides a backdrop for broken families and increases crime rates” (Colson, pg535). Both authors provide examples to support their thesis. Katha Pollitt provides more relevant data to support that gay marriage is a constitutional right and should be enacted as law in our entire country, she has a true libertarian mindset.
"In her Nation column, Pollitt regularly takes on political topics from an unabashedly liberal perspective" (Pollitt, pg. 529). Pollitt argues in her essay, "What 's Wrong with Gay Marriage?" with some of the most well-known arguments that the anti-gay marriage movement has presented. The format she uses is quite unique for breaking down her rebuttals to the theories that gay marriage should not be legal. She uses an outline of presenting the theory and then presenting her theory to discredit it. The first and most widely known theory for not supporting gay marriage would be the procreation theory. Pollitt argues that "there is something creepily authoritarian and insulting about reducing marriage to procreation, as if intimacy mattered less than biological fitness. It 's not the view that anyone outside a right-wing think tank...

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...tedly agree with their stance on the constitutional right of gay marriage. Katha Pollitt believes that "gay marriage is not about sex, it 's about separation of church and state"(Pollitt, pg. 531), which truly embodies the ideals of a true libertarian mindset. On the other hand, Colson believes that "marriage is not a private institution designed solely for the individual gratification of its participants"(Colson, pg. 536) and that if the US "fails to enact a Federal Marriage Amendment, we can expect, not just more family breakdown, but also more criminals behind bars and more chaos in the streets"(Colson, pg. 536). Each author is entitled to their person opinion on the legality of gay marriage. Of course, from a libertarian perspective, that is their very personal human right, even before governments created constitutional rights that protect freedom of speech.

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