Essay Censorship And Its Effect On Society

Essay Censorship And Its Effect On Society

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Censorship is blocking or hiding something that is considered unacceptable to the public eye or a group of a certain age. In looking at the effects of censorship on society, it is apparent that it can both be beneficial and harmful. Censorship is seen to be beneficial through preventing dangerous people from viewing government documents and preventing children from viewing inappropriate content. Censorship can be harmful when it comes to taking away rights declared in the Constitution and setting unequal standards for men and women. These examples show how effects censorship has on society can be both good and bad. Looking at facts and credible opinions is a way to truly see how censorship has negative and positive effects.
Censorship can be very beneficial to society. Tom Blankley, who works in the Edelman public relations firm in Washington agrees. By looking at his analysis on censorship which is, “Censorship applied not only to news and commentary, but also popular entertainment. Anti-war films were all but unheard of, since the government simply would not allow them” (Blankley 7). We can take in this into consideration of censoring topics like the government relations with other foreign countries from TV news. Censorship can then help stop the Islamic terrorist group to have information on Our american government, and to protect our children from viewing such horrific crimes. Blankey’s opinion of censorship is simply “a temporary reduction of personal and media freedoms is an acceptable price to pay in order to lessen the chance that Islamic fanatics will commit further atrocities against the American people” (Blankey 9). There has been many terrorist attacks on the American people, which is a true fact and Blankey...

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...e of how the authorities were handling it. Now it can also be very harmful that people watch violent acts of crime and can cause people to become frightened. For example the
“Indian government seems to think so: it has blocked around 250 websites, ordered Google and Facebook to pull content, threatened legal action against Twitter if it doesn 't delete certain accounts, and has arrested several people for sending inflammatory text messages, all in the name of public safety” (Fisher 2).
Then in 1993, the people revolted against the government. They were angered that the internet was censored because they didn’t have access to information on government which, terrified the people. This caused people to be unaware of the riots and protest that caused 300,000 deaths in a single week. This also caused people to become very frightened of the government 's actions.

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