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A few years ago I found myself on a train heading from Amsterdam to Hamburg. I had just spent several days traveling through the Netherlands and was going to end my fall break trip in Germany. The cities I picked had been arbitrary. All I knew was that in the three and a half months I was studying abroad I would see as much of the world as possible. This often meant frantically searching the internet for cheap flights, bus tickets, and hostiles, and only getting to spend a day or two in a magnificent city. This also meant traveling alone. As I relaxed in my seat and scribbled postcards to my friends and parents, I was at the most peace I had ever been. It was not without chaos though. I had taken the wrong tram that morning, been unable to read the Dutch signs, had hauled my protruding backpack up a broken escalator and back down, and had, in an awkward running motion, flagged down an employee to ensure I got on the train before it took off. It was nowhere near a peaceful morning. However, I could not help but smile. I had been out on my own for four days. I had made it to Amsterdam, figured out public transportation, and conversed with fellow travelers just as interested in the world and others as I was. I felt at peace with myself. I felt serenity. I vowed, on that five hour train ride, that if I could travel through Europe on my own, I could do anything.
That vow has not gone unchallenged. Other events, incidents, and obstacles have been put in my way. I spent several years of my life suffering from an eating disorder. The months I spent in recovery were, without a doubt, the most trying, frustrating, and faith-testing months of my life. Those months were more difficult than simply navigating a foreign map, yet I never gave...

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...n do anything. Even after I graduate from college and from graduate school, I hope I will be able to maintain this mindset. Not because I hope to live in some paradise-like utopia, in which I am single-handedly able to eliminate war, poverty, injustice, and inequality, but because without that way of thought, pessimism is a wary invader. Although a recommendation from a professor, along with Candler’s location and reputation, gave me reason to take note of Candler as a possible place for my future, it was not until I understood the “Real” campaign that I knew Candler was where I wanted to study. The real people, real world, real difference model excites me and gives me reassurance that Candler will be a place to continue fostering my creativity, faith-life, love for others, and help me learn how to use my talents and skills to make a real difference in the world.

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