Analytical Essay : History And Its Effect On People 's Decisions

Analytical Essay : History And Its Effect On People 's Decisions

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Xizhu Yan
Pol Sci 21
Professor Louis DeSipio
29 June 2016
Analytical Essay #1
History has the power to affect people’s decisions in the current world because people can learn from the past and prevent the same mistake that previously made. As the same, while constructing the federal government, framers carried the will of not committing the mistakes, like people in the past that led to some consequences that bad for people in the nation. According to the power that the framers conferred to the national government through the U.S. Constitution, we can see that they were trying to avoid repeating history.
The first specific power that is vested in the national government is to regulate commerce both interstate and foreign commerce. Right after the Articles of Confederation were published, 13 states do business on their own way, trading with different country, signing treaties with different areas. Not to mention the competition between each of the states, the chaos in trading fields left by the foreign commercial layout brought the Congress a huge difficulty to operate the country as a whole, and “the central government could not prevent one state from discriminating against other states in the quest for foreign commerce” (Ginsberg, et. al. 2014: 34). In other words, each state wanted to block further development of other states under the circumstances that it kept the growth of its own. This is why the interstate commerce needed to be regulated by a central power. From the outside perspective, according to We the People, written by Benjamin Ginsberg, “competition among the states for foreign commerce allowed the European powers to play the states against one another, which not only made America seem weak and vulnerable abroad bu...

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... historical events are warnings and hints to modern people. Through the comparison between the power of state governments and the Federal government, it is easy to see that these powers that are only granted to the national government are all easy to be abused by state governments for their own good and benefits. Moreover, considering that state governments are easily compete with each other when a weak central power presents, powers that are vested to the national government are also in the use of stabilize the internal situation from a perspective of treating the country as a whole rather than thirteen different regions.

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