Essay on Analysis Of Chaucer 's ' The Canterbury Tales '

Essay on Analysis Of Chaucer 's ' The Canterbury Tales '

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An Analysis of Chaucer’s Friar in the Canterbury Tales
Geoffrey Chaucer 's, The Canterbury Tales, is one of the most admired and well-known stories in literature. It is so successful in the world of literature because of Chaucer’s descriptions of the characters, the tales, and also because of his creative and clever writing style. In the General Prologue to the tales, Chaucer introduces the Friar as a greedy profiteer. As the prologue progresses, Chaucer describes each pilgrim 's appearance and character traits in vivid details. After the General Prologue, the tales begin by each pilgrim telling his or her own creative story. From the tale told by the Friar, we can see the resemblance between the events told in the story and the events that happened to the Friar in Chaucer 's prologue. Hubert, the friar we see in The Canterbury Tales, has different intentions than then those of the friars in the Middle Ages.
During the Medieval Era, Friars, just like Prioresses and Monks, were members of religious orders. A typical Friar during this time, devoted himself to a life of poverty, chastity, and obedience (Hallissy 32). When a friar left the monastery, he was not suppose to violate his vows in order to benefit himself. "Instead of retreating from the world, as other monks did, the friars went into the world, to preach the word of God" (Knox par 2). The friars of the Middle Ages sacrificed their own life to benefit and help those in need. By devoting their lives to God, they were not as fortunate as some other religious figures.
In the Middle Ages, there were several different orders of friars. The main types were; Franciscans, Dominicans, Carmelites, Servites, and Augustinians. Of these, Franciscans and Dominicans were the most popul...

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...eligious groups. The Frairs, part of the Catholic Church, were one of the main groups. Geoffrey Chaucer decided to write a story based on several members of society in the Middle Ages. One of these characters happened to be a friar. In this time period, friars were admired and looked up to as high members of the religious community. The Friar Chaucer chooses to write about happens to be the complete opposite. The Friar in the Canterbury Tales is a greedy and sneaky man. We see these qualities in the General Prologue of the Story. After the General Prologue, Chaucer lets the pilgrims each tell their own tale. The Friar chooses to tell a tale about a summoner. In the Middle Ages, friars and summoners could not be any more different. In the tale told by the Friar, Chaucer finds multiple ways to relate these two very different characters, and make their stories into one.

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