Anabolic Steroids Used By Athletes Essay

Anabolic Steroids Used By Athletes Essay

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Every athlete, whether they are professional, collegiate, or just in high school, wants to be the best. To some athletes, taking a drug that will make them stronger and faster is an easy choice to make when put in the position of being the best athlete that they can be. While being the easy way out, this decision may not be correct because using steroids can be unfair to the other athletes, cause major harm to the user’s body, and could influence young children the wrong way.
Steroids come in many different forms. One of the most common steroids used by athletes is anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are synthetic forms of testosterone that help increase muscle tissue. This type of steroid was invented in the 1930’s but wasn’t widely recognized until it was used to help those coming from concentration camps rebuild their lost body weight. These steroids became well known during the 1960’s in the United States mostly for medical use for various cancers and to help underweight children gain the weight they need to have a healthy body. There are only a few anabolic drugs that are legal for medical purposes in the United States today. Once this drug became well known and athletes could see that anabolic steroids could be used to gain muscle, they started to use the drug for the wrong reasons (Steroid).
Being an athlete consists of a lot of hard work and dedication. Most athletes spend hours training to perfect their game. Some athletes devote their free time just to their sport. Athletes make a decision everyday to stay committed and focused on their sport. This can be very intense and tiring for the athlete, making those athletes who are not as committed find the easy way out. In most cases the easy way out is the use of performan...

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...his type of steroid to help recover from a certain health issue prescribed by a doctor. While using these types of steroids, athletes will notice a difference in their symptoms within a few days of taking the drug. The athlete will not have to take the drug for very long which decreases the chance of experiencing side effects. Some types of steroids can be helpful to athletes if they are taken correctly (Steroids).
Athletes taking steroids just to make themselves stronger is an incorrect decision. Abusing steroids causes harm to the athlete physically and mentally. It also devastates the people who care about the athlete when something terrible results in steroid abuse. If athletes want to become better at their sport, they should work hard and train to do so. Taking the easy way out and abusing steroids is an incorrect decision for all athletes.

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