An Asian American Gay Male Student At The University Of Illinois Essay

An Asian American Gay Male Student At The University Of Illinois Essay

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Joshua Is an Asian American gay male student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He grew up in the north suburbs of Chicago with his mom and two younger brothers. His father separated from his mother when he was a toddler. Josh never had a close relationship with his mother. Once his father left Josh’s mother remarried to a white American male. Since the marriage, Josh’s relationship with his mom was never the same. Because he never formed a close relationship with an adult figure, he often struggled to figure out where he belongs. As a child, Joshua mentioned that he noticed that he was quite different from his brothers. Joshua secretly enjoyed trying on his mother’s clothes but never admitted that secret to anyone.
At the age of seven, Joshua began to notice that he was attracted to males. He dated females as a teenager, but he never felt a connection with any of them. “When I dated girls it never lasted long; I felt as though something was missing whenever I dated girls.” In high school, his peers thought of him as being weird and flamboyant, mostly because he enjoyed hanging out with females. Whenever someone would identify Joshua as being flamboyant, he took it to be offensive. This term made Joshua uncomfortable because he never agreed with the way society believes that there has to be a male and a female within every couple, even within gay couples. He never agreed with labeling because he does not believe that the characteristics he displays within his relationship should have a title to it. “So what if I am a guy who enjoys hanging out with females or partake in activities that may be considered to be feminine, I just enjoy being myself.”
Throughout his years in high school, he often tried to embrace d...

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...ead awareness in the depression rate not only in gay males but all members of the LGBTQ community that faces the same barriers as Josh.
Joshua’s story made me realize that discrimination has no particular color. I was amazed to hear how discrimination exists within the gay community. According to Chen and Georgiana stressors such as “societal negative perceptions of their sexual identities, coming out and stress related to disclosure of their sexual orientation, challenges in developing healthy self-concepts, and day-to-day discrimination” (Chen and Georgiana 2012) often lead to severe depression and anxiety for Asian Americans. This issue is something that more people need to be aware because this concept I am guilty of not knowing. Overall Josh’s story is something that everyone can learn from and hopefully change towards the discrimination of gay males will come.

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