A Teacher 's Philosophy Of Education Essay

A Teacher 's Philosophy Of Education Essay

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A teacher’s philosophy of education stems into every area of their profession. Understanding what one’s beliefs are in the classroom is crucial in helping the students academically and personally grow and succeed. Out of the main philosophies of perennialism, social reconstructionism, existentialism, progressivism, and essentialism, I think I align the closest with essentialism. As described by Sarah Powell (2015), I believe in a “basic, organized, and rigorous” curriculum, an understood high level of expectations for the students, and an “intellectual and moral role model” found in the teacher. This way, a child will understand common knowledge but have an adult figure from whom they can learn lessons that extend past the classroom walls. Along with essentialism, I also consider some aspects of the progressivism philosophy to be useful in the classroom. Progressivism promotes material focused on student curiosities and exploration with a learning environment that stimulates their minds, a teacher who is a coach and encourager, and cooperative learning instruction (Powell, 2015). A blend of a traditional curriculum with updated methods of instruction, in my opinion, can best benefit the classroom.
I think the purpose of education, and ultimately a teacher, is to promote growth in the intellect and character of a student. They should learn content that is considered core, such as basic algebra and reading classic books that have changed the literary world. In addition to this, good education can be reflected in a student who learns more than just academic material but matures in how they act. This type of education will mold a child as they become familiar with information so they can be a well-rounded individual with a w...

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...uiring one’s own classroom, college is a time when skills are developed that influence future effectiveness. In my own personal life, I see college as an opportunity to act as a sponge and soak up every experience in and out of class. If I observe successful professors, I can take notes on their teaching styles and dispositions that I would hope to have in my own career. Furthermore, meeting with my professors and discussing their own time in the classroom can show me firsthand how a teacher reflects on their own abilities and success. This provides free advice and inspiration to push me through the hard work now and remind me of the eventual goal: becoming a teacher who seeks to change a student’s perspective of learning and possibly even the world. 
Powell, S. (2015). Your Introduction to Education: Explorations in Teaching (3rd ed.). Boston: Pearson.

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