A Philosophy Of Christian Education Essay

A Philosophy Of Christian Education Essay

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A philosophy of Christian education encompasses many aspects that overlap areas of a child 's life that could not be nurtured and molded in a public school setting. Therefore, the Christian philosophy of education must include so much more. The Bible must be used as the basis for the education of children. A child should be taught in a way that will best benefit the individual that God created. He should be trained in his own way, the way he learns best. In order to do that, teachers must be able to assess their students in a manner that will reveal the learning styles that best fit each child. By doing this, the best possible education can be given to each student. Proverbs 22:6 states, "Train up a child in the way he should go..." The ways children learn and understand can vary based on their learning styles. Christian educators must be able to discern what those learning styles are in order to provide the best learning environment for students to be able to be "trained" in the way that is best for each one.
The Bible, of course, does not include all of the factual knowledge about all of the subjects that are taught in the school setting. However, it should remain the framework for all knowledge. Because the Bible provides the principles and guidelines for the Christian’s entire life, the Bible should remain as the main source of authority for the guidelines of creating the curriculum for the Christian school. This is where the Christian school differs from other schools. This philosophy includes our entire lives, not only educational minds but also our intellectual lives. It is imperative that the Christian school product not be sheltered from the views of others but to be knowledgeable about them and be able to communicate...

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...f the task of teaching the child. This provides giving every effort to encourage and involve parents in the education of their children. The teacher should strive in all efforts to include the parents in the child’s educational experience and work side by side to give them every opportunity to do so.
The Christian school educator must remember that their job is far more than their paycheck. God is serious about teaching children and the Bible warns those who draw “little ones” away. Because God takes this seriously, so should the Christian educator in the development of a Christian philosophy of education. Being a good educator in the Christian school is something that takes constant growth, academically and spiritually. It is a charge not taken lightly and one that will take diligent, continuous prayer, work, and study in order to walk in a way pleasing to God.

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