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A Brief Story of My Life Essay

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My story is one that starts before birth. After all I was born in 30 weeks. My mom(Bella), had a difficult pregnancy. At 5 months and half Bella started bleeding. The doctor’s found out that she had full placenta praevia. Full placenta praevia is complication in which the placenta is inserted partially or wholly in lower uterine segment. This blocks the baby to be born naturally and causes the mother bleeding. Bella would bleed every day and was in the emergency room five times because of the constant bleeding. The fifth and final time Bella fainted and found herself in the hospital.
The doctors told her that she was not leaving until I was born or else the both of could die. While in the hospital the doctors injected Bella and I with many things through IV. They gave us both vitamins and drugs. The drugs were not to only calm her but me as well. The doctors were making sure that I would not move and cause more harm to myself. While in labor they monitored my heart. The doctors did one more test on me before going into surgery/delivery. They put a big needle through Bella’s stomach to test the development of my lungs.
Bella was in the hospital for a week. The whole time she was in bed rest. The doctors did not want to risk her fainting because of lack of blood. The only movement she had been to take showers even then they had to be two minutes or less. After the big needle test Bella bled again with 24 hours. The surgery had to happen now. The blood was overflowing and the placenta was separating from me. If the surgery was not made urgent I would have died because the placenta would detach for me.
I was born on Tuesday, February 28, 1995 at 12:36pm. The birth was made possible through a C-Section. After my birth I was sent into a...

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... For some reason I was afraid of contact and of hitting others. This fear barely came up as we played but when it did it would cost the team. Despite this fear I had one of the best seasons of my life. Too bad playing varsity football didn’t go as well.
The last half of high school took a different path then the first. I still played football but it was not the top of my list. I found Jesus again and learned to love music. I went to two mission trips my junior year of high school. The first was to Nicaragua and the second one was to Costa Rica. In Costa Rica I had my calling. This is when I felt that being a worship leader was not only a gift, but also fun to do. Throughout senior year of high school and to the present I became closer with the Lord. I embraced my calling not only as a leader or worship leader, but also the bridge between the Latin and Western world.

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